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The following is a brief list of services available from Tumbleson.NET ...

General Consulting - Let us sit down with you, listen to what your needs are, and determine the best solution for you.  We will evaluate your environment (either home or business) and with your input determine what can be done more efficiently.  Together we will improve the way your home or office operates.

Networking Solutions - Providing a wide range of Microsoft-based servers solutions is our specialty.  If you need a server or software package we can provide it and set it up to your specifications.  Whether you want your sales personnel to be in immediate contact with your engineers or you want to connect your new HDTV to your Media Center computer we can do it for you.

  • Design - If you are starting a network from scratch why not set it up right from the beginning.  We'll make sure it is done right from day one.
  • Setup - If you need help setting up various parts of your network we can help.  We can help with anything from servers to switches.
  • Restructuring - If your network or systems aren't performing the way you would like then ask us for help.  We'll make sure everything is running the best it possibly can.  And if changes are needed to accomplish that we'll get it done for you.

Software Solutions - If you want a custom software package to accomplish various functions for your business Tumbleson.NET is the place to go.  We can provide you with a software package to meet your needs.  Our software is based on Microsoft's .NET technology and runs on their tried and true server platforms.

  • Complete Applications - We'll design applications from the ground up to help you with your business needs.  Just let us know what you would like to accomplish and we'll make it happen.
  • Macros/time savers - Do you have a repetitious task that you would like automated?  Let us know and we'll automate that task to make sure your employees' time is better spent with other tasks.

Virtualization Solutions - Virtualization is a hot topic and rightly so.  It offers advantages such as reduced servers numbers, reduced system management, centralized application management, rapid system/software testing, etc.

  • System Virtualization  - Consolidate aging or underutilized servers.
  • Application Virtualization - Get away from installing software directly on your workstations.  Centrally manage the application installation and upgrades on a server instead.  Contact us to find out how.

Custom Hardware Solutions - Computer systems built to your specifications.

  • PC  - Build a custom PC to accomplish more at work or at home.
  • Servers - Design a server to provide you with the availability you need for your business.

Other - Here are some other services we can implement for you.

  • Centralizated System Updates - Make sure all systems you manage are up to date.
  • Power Management - Reduce the amount of electricity used at your home or office by using system only when needed.

Contact us if you would like to schedule a meeting.